Recon My Way !
Automating Recon Process 

Armaan Pathan 

About Me ! 

  • Armaan Pathan (@armaancrockroax)
  • What I do ?
  • Smashing bugs on @ Synack/Hackerone/Bugcrowd
  • Product Security Engineer @ Emirates 
  • Keen Learner. 

Automation of  

  • Finding Subdomains by multiple tools 
  • Subdomain Resolving and Sorting  
  • Finding Jenkins 
  • Slack notifications for all scans 
  • RCE in misconfigured Jenkins 

Finding Subdomains with various tools 

Managing All Discovered Domains / Sorting Unique Domains

Resolving All Unique Subdomains with Filter Resolved

Sorting Unique Resolved Domains and Check for its CNAME Entry

Finding Jenkins with shodan 

Notifications with slack bot 

How I got Jenkins RCE in verizon while this recon

Thank You